Judge’s Field Trial Book

These books apply to all AKC and AF trials, and it applies to all pointing dogs, as well as German Shorthaired Pointers:

Field Trial Judges Books  (from $2.00)
© Peter F. Von Ohlen

Available in a variety of colors; these books are small and handy. They fit right in a shirt pocket or saddle bag, and if filled out properly will, at the end of the stake and in almost every case, tell you who wins and who loses and why.

A must have item!

This is a copyrighted all-breed book based on the American Field model plus the Continental breeds retrieving requirements. Instructions and definitions are included front and back, plus a simple, quick check-off system of all fundamental requirements make this a necessity for your field trial, especially for the new and/or inexperienced judges, or just to give consistency to the judging process.

15 Brace Books (regular paper) ….. $2.00
30 Brace Books (regular paper) ….. $3.00
15 Brace Books (“Rite in the Rain” paper) ….. $4.00
30 Brace Books (“Rite in the Rain” paper) ….. $5.00

Custom books available! Please contact me for pricing and details:

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