Breedings for 2024: Whitey was bred to Tyra and Harry was bred to Rebel in early December of 2023. Pups will be born in early February and br available for new homes in late April of 2024. The plan was to breed Abby as well but that did not happen. Maybe in May or June. But the breedings above are repeats from last year that turned out well. Taking reservations now.

High Desert Shorthairs

The Very Best Purebred German Shorthaired Pointers in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington and Idaho)

  • There are two types of pointing dogs in this country. There are dogs that run, point and back. And there are dogs that run, point and back AND swim, track and retrieve. (And there is everything in between.) The classic examples of pointing dogs that run, point and back are the English Pointer and the English Setter. And both are very good at what they do. The classic example of dogs that run, point and back AND swim, track and retrieve are the German Shorthaired Pointer and the German Wirehaired Pointer. And both are also very good at what they do. You decide what kind of dog you want. If you want a pointing dog that will run, point, and back AND swim, track and retrieve, let me know. That’s what I raise.

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    Some fifty years ago I was hunting over Dave McGinnis’ German Shorthaired Pointers; Northwest Greif dogs that were some of the finest dogs that could do it all!

    It was about ten years before I could have one of my own and Dave came up with a NFC/FC Frulord’s Tim pup (Tim’s Magic Man). That turned out to be a dog for all time. Unfortunately the “good die young” and I lost him before he was four. Also that pup got me into the Field Trial game. Back then we had honest dogs, honest people and honest judges. Thirty some years later I still have those honest Greif dogs. My dogs are hunted extensively and always have been. I have killed several thousand Chukars over dogs, and I think I know what a High Desert dog should be.

    Each Fall I take several dogs back to South Dakota for pheasant hunting. I could not be more pleased with my dog’s abilities. My dogs have range, speed, stamina, pattern and great hunting instincts. They run, point back, swim, track and retrieve. They are intelligent, trainable, dogs with drive and desire, temperament and conformation, plus plenty of just plain good looks. They have everything that makes them the kind of high class dog you would like to own; German Shorthaired Pointers at their best.

    I have been a past president of the Oregon Shorthair Club and the Northwest Pointing Dog Association. I organized and ran most of the German Shorthaired Pointer trials in the 80’s and early 90’s. I also did the same for quite a few of the Pointing Dog trials plus some Regional trials. I have written and copyrighted a Judges Book for use in judging dogs at field trials. And having judged some 250 field trials, I find it actually works! And, I have personally bred and trained Field Champions and Amateur Field Champions as well as puppy and derby winners.

    So if you want a dog that is a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer, completely health and performance guaranteed, OFA’d and legally DNA’d, and completely health guaranteed, then let me know and we will see if I can find one for you.

    Contact me for more information.